Southeast Asia Itinerary: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines

Southeast Asia Travel Itinerary Map

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Here is all we know about our Southeast Asia itinerary so far. We’ll update this page as we plan more.

August 31: Leave Edmonton.

September 1: Arrive Ho Chi Minh City (1)

September 1: Sept 5: Stay in Ho Chi Minh City at Lily’s hostel

September 5: Fly to Hanoi from Ho Chi Minh City (2).

September 5:  Hang out in Northern Vietnam for a couple days or a couple weeks around Lao Cai, Sapa, and Ha Giang province. 

Mid September: Slowly take the train to Ho Chi Minh City over a few days, stopping for a night or two at various spots along the way (Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, etc. [4,5,6]). Or fly back to Ho Chi Minh City if we overstayed in North Vietnam.

September 20–October 9: Gradually make our way from Ho Chi Minh to Cambodia (Phnom Penh and Siem Riep) en route to Bangkok(7,8) where we will to catch a plane to the Philippines.

  • September 25: Fly to Chiang Mai
  • October 1: Bus to Chiang Rai
  • October 7 or 9: Fly to Bangkok

October 9: Fly from Bangkok to Cebu City, Philippines (overnight). (9, 10.)

October 10: Fly from Cebu City to Sairgao, Philippines (11).

October 10–November 4: Stay at Residencia Miramar outside General Luna, Siargao. Here we will surf and take bucket showers (12).

November 4: Fly from Siargao back to Cebu City (13).

November 4–8: Hang out in Cebu City over the weekend. 

November 8: Fly back to Edmonton from Cebu City (14).